Boredom’s Allure Amidst Modern Chaos

In a world teeming with distractions where the internet unlocks an extraordinary wealth of educational resources that transcend ancient dreams, it emerges as a powerful tool, adept at ensnaring our minds and seizing control of our attention. We consume so much information that the only time we think at peace is in the bathroom while we bathe, the only time when boredom doesn’t irk us to get hold of our mobile phone. It’s when we ponder upon inane ideas that otherwise wouldn’t occur. Our generation has been lucky to see the advent of technology raise the bar for productivity, and stupidity too. Since the time power cuts were used as an excuse to tell stories or dreams and let our imagination run wild, to the present time where a power cut wouldn’t matter in our inverter resourceful homes and gadgets that keep us occupied, we have witnessed a shift in the way we engage our creative minds.

When do we think at peace? When do we enjoy our boredom?

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