Sohni Mahiwal – Paar Chanaa De

Folklore has always occupied a sacred corner of my heart, a realm where stories traverse cultures, touching lives with its timeless tales, is nothing short of being magical. It never ceases to fascinate me. More so, when folklore is told in other forms of expression like music, than in writings. Paar Chanaa De is one of my all time favorites from Coke Studio that references the Sohni Mahiwal tale and expresses the pain of separation and longing for one’s beloved. In the spirit of preserving this tradition of retelling folklore, this is an attempt to relive the tragic Sohni Mahiwal and touch the very ache of separation. Delicately sieving through myriad accounts, skimming over a few, I present to you, in fleeting elegance, the essence I could glean from this timeless tale:

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