Crypto ’round the Block

The Blockchain is a fascinating technology and its applications such as Web3, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverse, and their corresponding jargon are buzzing. As more people are spending time online, especially with COVID acting as a catalyst, the digital/virtual world is being adopted heavily. Crypto market capital is growing exponentially, profile pictures are representing status symbols by setting them to pixelated art, crypto investors are posting their “retirement by 40” plans on Twitter, and armies (fans) of crypto technologies are over-speculating and sending unsolicited advice like “Buy this hidden 100x gem” on discord groups. Despite the hype, these terms aren’t understood by many. There is uncertainty over the entire crypto/metaverse/web3 space as it is still in its rudimentary stages. This post aims to give an overview of these technologies and my thoughts on them.

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