CozyHosting – HackTheBox Writeup

Machine Name: CozyHosting
Difficulty: Easy


CozyHosting, an easy machine, initially involves understanding its SpringBoot application, discovered through a generic error page uncovered during directory enumeration. Further exploration revealed sensitive SpringActuator endpoints, leading to the acquisition of a session token belonging to user KAnderson. Leveraging this token facilitated the theft of the user’s session, providing access to the admin’s dashboard featuring an exploitable SSH configuration. Exploiting the SSH configuration vulnerability allowed for remote code execution (RCE) and subsequent acquisition of a shell. The next step involved decompiling a JAR file, uncovering plain-text database credentials that enabled access to the Postgres database. Within the database, user hashes were uncovered and subsequently cracked to unveil the user password, granting entry as Josh. Finally, privilege escalation was achieved through an SSH sudo misconfiguration, facilitating the acquisition of an interactive shell as root via SSH.

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